We have a match!

We are excited to announce this matching opportunity made possible by Leanne Eaves, a long-term contributor to Oregon Dachshund Rescue, Inc. She has generously offered to match all donations, up to $2,500 between now and the end of the year! Leanne has always been very gracious to ODR, Inc. through her candle business, Dachshund Rescue Fundraiser with Jewelry In Candles. This time, she is making it personal. For every dollar you contribute, Leanne will match it with a personal donation. Plus, your donation will qualify for a 2016 charitable donation tax deduction.

What would a combined $5,000 do for Oregon Dachshund Rescue, Inc. and our darling Doxies? It would pay off our entire end of year veterinary services and animal supply company bills! This would mean a fresh start for ODR, Inc. in 2017. What a wonderful opportunity.

You can donate using the "DONATE NOW" button here. Please mail checks to: Oregon Dachshund Rescue, Inc., P.O. BOX 820082, Portland, OR 97282. For direct payment by credit card, please call Jenell at 503-313-3220. Thanks!!

ODR, Inc. is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit, all volunteer, no-kill Dachshund rescue organization serving Oregon & Washington. Our goal is to find the best possible homes for Dachshunds who have been neglected, abused, injured or surrendered for euthanasia.

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