When it rains it pours!

In our case, when it rains we get flooded, over and over again. As a result of inclement weather we were faced with severe flooding at the Sanctuary. We have done our best to protect the dogs by using temporizing measures such as installing a sump pump in the basement. Unfortunately it was not enough. We got flooded and this time it was pretty bad. We are slowly recovering from the damage. We are cleaning up after the flood. It takes time, energy and money. And we have done it over and over again, wasting precious time and energy. Every time we have to focus on cleaning up water damage we divert our focus from our mission of saving dogs.

We made the decision to take care of the problem once and for all. We hope you, our FB followers and ODR Inc. supporters will help us with the cost of waterproofing. So far we have obtained the estimate for the work. Please see the copy at the bottom of the posting. We have secured the time slot with the waterproofing company.

The workers are arriving on Monday to start the excavation. We need HALF of the total sum as the down payment. Please help us raise the funds necessary to create the safe place for all the unwanted, discarder, abused dogs we have in our care. We cannot do it without your support. If you considered donating to ODR Inc. this year, please do it now. If you considered supporting a non-profit organization, please consider us. Please share with your friends. Literally, every dollar counts. We are desperately seeking financial support. We have depleted our reserve by taking in dogs like Macaroni. I cannot emphasize enough: every dollar counts.

Please donate at www.odr-inc.org/donate

Thank you!

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