Mocha's Story

In March of 2017 Oregon Dachshund Rescue, Inc. received a surrender request for a sweet five year old dachshund named Mocha. The owner had recently had a child and was unable to care for Mocha. You see, Mocha had recently hurt her back and was having difficulty walking and occasional “accidents” in the house.

ODR, Inc. started a courtesy listing and networked Mocha right away. And within a week she was adopted. Unfortunately, the new adoptive family found she was more than they could handle. She had little use of her back legs, bowel and bladder control. And, unexpectedly came into heat. We were quite surprised as the original owner stated she was spayed. The new owner planned to have put her down if no one took her.

Luckily, Samantha Stuart, DC and ODR, Inc. volunteer felt she could help her or at least get the help she needed. So, in early April Samantha saved Mocha. She fell in love with her right away and her other dogs are very gentle with her. She is a really good fit and they all became very happy together.

After just one week and one chiropractic and acupuncture treatment, Mocha slept all night without having an accident, 10 hours, and held it until she went outside where she promptly peeped a pooped. She is doing well with therapy they couldn’t wait to see what the neurologist at VCA had to say. Samantha was so proud of her and knew at that point everything would befine. “I love this girl to bits and we will get her well again”

On April 25th they went to her first physical therapy appointment. They were so happy to hear the doctor say she should make a 99% recovery. By 4/27 Mocha was getting acupuncture and had improved dramatically in the 3 weeks Samantha had her.

The latest update from Dr. Samantha:

“Mocha has been great. Everyone who meets her comments on what an amazing personality she has. She has gone to acupuncture twice a week, had chiropractic once a week, and cold laser therapy everyday in the first 5 weeks. I put her on a regimen of vitamins, minerals, coconut oil, probiotics with prebiotics, turmeric, CBD oil, salmon oil, flaxseed oil, cranberry, milk thistle, Nervagesic, and a joint supplement. I've tried to go 100 % so her own body can help heal her. I did but her on an antibiotic for a UTI along with her cranberry supplement. When I got her she weighed 16.5 lbs. and the front part of her body was over developed from pulling herself around dragging her back legs. She now weighs 14.5 lbs., uses her back legs, and does not drag them anymore. She loves to go on walks and will walk around the block on her own alongside me. She has been eating a raw food diet and has done very well on it. She goes outside to eliminate and does not make mess at night.

For the next phase of care we have reduced acupuncture to once per week, chiropractic to every other week, and have added physical therapy. She is doing stretching, propreoception, and strength training. She had her teeth cleaned and will get spayed soon.” Samantha Stuart, DC

If you ever find yourself dealing with a downed dachshund, Please remember you have options. Surgery is not the only and not always the best option. One of the best resources for more information on dealing with IVDD is

Mocha is another great example and living proof that IVDD is not a Death Sentence!

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