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We save Dachshunds in need.  In 2016 alone we saved 572 doxies in need- more than 1 per day.   We care for their physical needs, emotional needs and find suitable homes. We save many Dachshunds from horrific situations - from puppy mills & hoarders, abusive & neglectful homes, drug homes, dogs who would be sold for bait dogs for dog fighting and those who have been abandoned or discarded.


We believe that every single one of these wonderful little dogs deserves love and care.  Life doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes dogs are injured and their owners cannot afford or provide appropriate care.


Sometimes dogs are used solely as breeding vessels and are tossed aside when they are no longer useful.


Families can also under-estimate what dog ownership requires and realize too late that they cannot care for their pet.


Sometimes dogs outlive their humans and there is no one to take them in.


That is where the Oregon Dachshund Rescue, Inc. comes in.


(We didn’t just stop at rescuing Dachshunds- we’ve even saved a litter of kittens, a donkey, feral cats, a horse, rabbits, birds & young pit bulls)


We give second chances. We provide hope of a new life in a loving home. We provide proper care, full vetting, spaying & neutering, fostering, food, comfort and kind words to heal broken hearts.


Our Rescue provides vetting for each dog that comes to the rescue. Many of them are not spayed or neutered when they arrive at the rescue. Frequently they are not current on their vaccinations and are in need of DHPP, rabies and bordetella vaccinations & flea treatments. Dental work is needed in many cases. The Rescue makes sure dogs in need of medications or other treatments get the care they need.


The Rescue takes in special needs doxies such as those who are blind, deaf or paralyzed. Often the cost to care for these dogs with special needs can be extensive. On average we spend $900 for vetting per doxie.  That is why every bit of donation is so important and so appreciated to help assure these dogs get the help they need. The situation they find themselves in is no fault of their own. We give them a second chance at a good life.


We do have special criteria for finding homes, as Dachshunds have special needs due to their physical nature. Optimal home circumstances include adults who will be able to give time, care and affection. More information about adoption is included in this website. If you are interested in fostering, please fill out the volunteer form as well as the foster application by clicking the buttons below.

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