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Fostering a dog isn’t a lifetime commitment, 
it’s a commitment to saving a LIFE!

Fostering is a transitional step from a shelter/surrender to a forever home. During this time, it’s important that we give each dachshund a safe environment where they can learn to trust again, heal and become a loving family member. Many of the dachshunds that we pull from shelters or receive from an owner surrender just need a temporary home until their new forever home can be found.


Oregon Dachshund Rescue Inc. specializes in the very trouble, handicapped and special need doxies.  We often take in dachshunds that are otherwise deemed "unadoptable" and have been rescued from being euthanized.  They may have medical and/or behavioral issues and may need additional rehabilitation or training before they are ready for adoption.  Fostering is a key part of preparing the rescue dogs for their forever homes and is incredibly rewarding!

Preferred requirements*:      

  • Retired or work from home (some exceptions can be made)

  • No other dogs in the home of same sex as the foster can be considered

  • No young children (under 12) in the home

  • No cats or small animals such as hamsters and gerbils

  • Securely fenced in yard 

  • Must be willing to socialize and train the foster

  • Must be able to clearly follow the directions outlined by ODR, Inc. for care 

*Some exceptions can be made based on the rescue dog’s disposition and needs

If you feel you meet these requirements and are ready for the challenge, please complete the volunteer application. You will be contacted by our Volunteer and Foster Coordinator(s). Your patience is greatly appreciated as we are under-staffed and appreciate anyone willing to be diligent about checking in with us about getting plugged-in.


We also offer a Foster-to-Adopt program. This is a great way to get to know your potential forever dog and you would be bringing the dog straight into its possible forever home reducing the stress on the rescued dog. You will foster the dog with the intention of adopting and if all goes well and if you and Oregon Dachshund Rescue, Inc. decide it is a good match, you adopt the dog! If you decide the dog is not the right dog for you and your lifestyle, we understand, and you agree to continue to foster until we find the dog their forever home. The requirements are the same as for fostering and the same applications.

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