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Q. How long has ODR, Inc. been around?
A. Our founder began rescuing dachshunds in 1985. We received our 501 (c)(3) nonprofit status in the 1990's. 
Q. Why don't you place same sex dogs together?
A. Doxies tend to do best with members of the opposite sex unless they have been raised together. Many are alphas and therefore won't tolerate being placed with the same gender. When we get non-alphas, we make note on the dog's adoption profiles and might be willing to make an exception.
Q.Why don't you adopt dogs to people who live in apartments?
A. A large majority of our surrenders come from apartments. Dachshunds are famous for having separation anxiety, so often bark or howl when their owners are gone. Many owners face eviction when this happens, so we have found it's best to place our dogs in homes.
Q. Is it true that if I work full time I can't adopt from ODR, Inc.
A. Yes and no. We do require that dogs aren't left for a full day while you are at work. However, if you live with someone else that works from home or only works a few hours a day, that is acceptable.
Q. Do I need a fenced yard to adopt from your organization?
A. Yes, sorry no exceptions to this rule. Doxies are notorious escape artists, so you need a secure fence.
Q. How do I adopt a dog from ODR, Inc.?
A. Click on our Adopt page and then click on the button to fill out an online Adoption Form (Just make sure to read out criteria first).
Q. I don't qualify to adopt a dog from ODR, Inc. - Now what?
A. You can still adopt a doxie, and we would love to help you with that! We have adoption profiles for dogs labeled as "Courtesy Listings" for dogs that we can't take because we are full or the dogs can't live with other dogs. These dogs can be adopted directly from the current owner, who will have the final say in who their dog is rehomed with. These doxies are just as deserving and wonderful as the doxies at the rescue, we promise! We add dogs all the time, so keep checking out Adopt page.
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