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Foster Needed!

Jenell has written a personal plea for help with this new girl that just came to the rescue. Please help if you can!

From Jenell:

FOSTER is needed for this special needs little girl. I named her Sugar because she is just so darn sweet! She is in the hospital now and will be released in a few days. She was abandoned and in a horrific condition left on a doorstep and saved by Oregon Dachshund Rescue located in Portland Oregon. Sugar has many wounds on her back and she is on antibiotics to heal them. She is diabetic and started on insulin shots today. Foster must be savvy with insulin injections. Sugar has a grade 3 heart murmur which the vet said is not an issue, all bloodwork has been completed. We are starting possible Cushing’s regime soon. She is active and fun and minds well. She is totally potty trained. She also needs a full dental with many extractions. The vet feels strongly that her teeth are causing most all of her health problems as they are rotten. She is just a lovely girl and we must save her, please….. We are out of funding, it has been depleted. Her bill today plus the next few days plus the dental is 1890.00. Our vet feels with proper vetting, prescription food, meds, etc. she will be ready for adoption in a few weeks. The vet thinks she is 8 or 9 years old. I had to take her photos with a blanket, her back wounds are graphic. I will send updated photos as she heals. PLEASE consider a donation of any amount it all adds up. Thank you Jenell & Sugar


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